Garret’s 2013 Awards

Worst Films:

Dishonorable Mentions: Pacific Rim, You’re Next, Stranded, Elysium, and Much Ado About Nothing

10. After Earth

9. Iron Man 3

8. City of Bones

7. A Haunted House

6. Movie 43

5. InAPPropriate Comedy

4. The Host

3. Beautiful Creatures

2. Hammer of the Gods

1. Crystal Fairy


Best Visual Effects:

Honorable Mentions: 47 Ronin, Star Trek: Into Darkness/ 12 Years a Slave, Riddik, and The Conjuring

3. Welcome to the Punch /Upside Down/Man of Steel

2. Thor: The Dark World

1. The Great Gatsby


Best Sound Design:

3. Trance/Riddik

2. The Place Beyond the Pines

1. 12 Years a Slave


Best Editing:

Honorable Mentions: The East, 12 Years a Slave, Trance, Prisoners, and As I Lay Dying

3. The Counselor/Broken City

2. Gangster Squad

1. Side Effects


Best Cinematography:

Honorable Mentions: The Conjuring, Side Effects, Gangster Squad, Prisoners, 12 Years a Slave, and 47 Ronin

3. Welcome to the Punch/ Upside Down

2. The Counselor

1. The East


Best Music:

Honorable Mentions: 12 Years a Slave and Spring Breakers


3. The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

2. Frozen

1. The Place Beyond the Pines


Best Supporting Actress:

3. Patricia Clarckson– The East

2. Evangeline Lilly– The Hobbit

1. Penelope Cruz– The Counselor


Best Actress:

3. Emma Thompson– Saving Mr. Banks/Noomi Rapace– Dead Man Down

2. Roony Mara– Side Effects

1. Vera Farmiga– The Conjuring


Best Supporting Actor:

Honorable Mentions: Leonardo DiCaprio– The Great Gatsby, Javier Bardem–The Counselor, Bradley Cooper– American Hustle, and Tom Hanks– Saving Mr. Banks

3. Geoffrey Rush– The Book Thief

2. Jared Leto– Dallas Buyers Club

1. Michael Fassbender– 12 Years a Slave


Best Actor:

3. Matthew McConaughey– Dallas Buyers Club/ Chiwetel Ejiofor– 12 Years a Slave

2. Christian Bale– American Hustle

1. Joaquin Phoenix– Her


Best Cast:

Honorable Mentions: Now You See Me, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Side Effects

3. Broken City

2. 12 Years a Slave

1. American Hustle


Best Adapted Screenplay:

3. As I Lay Dying

2. The Book Thief

1. The Great Gatsby


Best Original Screenplay:

3. Prisoners

2. The Place Beyond the Pines

1. The Counselor


Best Director:

Honorable Mentions: Steve McQueen– 12 Years a Slave, Denis Villeneuve—Prisoners, James Franco- As I Lay Dying, Ridley Scott– The Counselor

3. David O. Russel– American Hustle

2. Michael Bay– Pain and Gain

1. Derek Cianfrance– The Place Beyond the Pines


Best Kid’s Movie:

3. Jack the Giant Slayer

2. Escape from Planet Earth

1. Frozen


Best Action:

Honorable Mentions: Killing Season, Catching Fire, and Phantom

3. 2Guns

2. Welcome to the Punch

1. Trance


Best Horror:

Honorable Mentions: VHS 2, Insidious 2, Mama, and Evil Dead

3. Lords of Salem

2. The Purge

1. The Conjuring


Best Fantasy:

3. The Wolverine/ 47 Ronin

2. Thor 2: The Dark World

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Best Sci-Fi:

3. Europa Report

2. Star Trek: Into Darkness

1. Riddik


Best Romance/Romantic Comedy:

Honorable Mentions: Admission and Drinking Buddies

3. Upside Down

2. The Great Gatsby

1. Her


Best Comedy:

Honorable Mentions: We’re the Millers and Dealin’ With Idiots

3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

2. This is the End

1. Pain and Gain


Best Drama:

Honorable Mentions: Prisoners, The East, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Book Thief, and As I Lay Dying

3. Dallas Buyer’s Club/ 12 Years a Slave

2. American Hustle

1. The Place Beyond the Pines


Best Movies of 2013:

Honorable Mentions: Prisoners, Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Purge, Trance, Lords of Salem, Broken City, Gangster Squad, The Book Thief, and Phantom

10. As I Lay Dying

9. The Counselor

8. Her

7. The East

6. 12 Years a Slave

5. Pain and Gain

4. Side Effects

3. The Conjuring

2. American Hustle

1. The Place Beyond the Pines


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