Taylor’s BEST X-Men Characters Explained

T371731his week our Ranking Games were about which X-Men characters are our favorites. It should be made clear that the X-Men are some of my favorite characters from anything ever, so picking and ranking only 5 of them was really difficult for me. I was forced to leave out some pretty awesome people like Professor X, who was my runner up, and Storm, Gambit, and Jean Grey! When you read the Ranking Games and this, just keep in mind that my top 5 are kind of really all my number 1’s in one way or another. For those of you who love X-Men like I do and were surprised or curious as to how I picked my top, I decided that I should go into a little more detail about them than the Ranking Games allows me to do. Plus, I’ll take any opportunity I can get to talk about X-Men. So here is a little bit more information on who my top 5 X-Men characters are and why, with extra emphasis on the characters in the X-Men movies as well.

shadowcat5. Shadowcat- Young little Kitty Pryde has always been one of my favorite characters. Her innocence and ignorance are enduring in a way that only she can achieve, and I’ve always been slightly reminded of myself by her (hence why my gamertag is xSHaD0WKiTTeNx). Her powers are pretty awesome, I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to phase through anything anytime you want?

I was slightly disappointed in her portrayal in the first X-Men trilogy, mostly because she wasn’t given enough of a chance to show off how awesome she is. She had a few cool moments, but nothing that exciting. I’m not letting that get me down though as I can’t wait to see what she gets to do in X-Men: Days of Future Past since she plays such an important role in the comic story line. I’m excited to see what all she gets to do in the movie.

3172751-nightcrawler-nightcrawler-7305243-275-2754. Nightcrawler- How can you not love Nightcrawler? He’s my number 4 choice because he has awesome powers and an awesome story to go with it (I’m admittedly a fan of the idea of him being Mystique and Azazel’s little lovechild.). His faith is another differentiating factor for him because he is so devout and faithful, and the irony of his demon-like appearance is ingenious in itself. I also have a thing for Germans, so that helps too.

As if his comic book character isn’t awesome enough, they heaped on even more coolness with his character in the X-Men trilogy. That White House scene in X2 is by far one of the best scenes in the whole trilogy, and I’ll argue that with anyone who wishes to.

tumblr_inline_n0cs4m27Az1r24r6r3. Rogue- Though she may not be as universally loved as some of the other characters, I have developed quite a fascination with Rogue. Even so much so that when asked which character I’d most like to be, I often choose her. Some people say that I have a cop out reason for it, but saying that is saying that she is a cop out mutant– because my reason for it is that she can have anyone’s powers that she wants at any moment, and guess what, that’s real, she can. Of course I would choose to be her post-learning to control her powers because I genuinely believe that there is some way that she could. Plus, if I had to pick a mutant boyfriend, Gambit would probably be my choice too.

I approve of what they did with her in the movies for the most part, except for a few minor issues. One, Anna Paquin? No. No. No. Two, she took the freaking cure.

3498814-7061009170-Wolve2. Wolverine- This one was a toughie to put in 2nd place because he really deserves to be tied for 1st. My long-term favorite hero, the one and only Wolverine (X-23 is a chick, so he’s still a one and only, ok). I’ve honestly spent more time reading and learning about him than I have probably any other character from anything else ever. He’s just plain and simply awesome and interesting. I’ve dreamed about having healing powers and being made of adamantium… My toothbrush even has him on it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, Bub.

I’m a huge fan of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and he’s probably the only live actor I’ll ever support as him. He is fantastic in the trilogy, and his cameo in First Class was priceless. I will admit that I wish they would have just not done X-Men Origins, but obviously I watched it anyway and still loved seeing him, no matter how bad of a movie it was. The Wolverine was a much better attempt at a movie of his own, and I approve. Especially that credit scene that leads you into DoFP.

magneto-mvc31. Magneto- My 1st place X-Men character is technically not an X-Man at all, so let’s say my 1st place mutant. Magneto is the bad ass of all bad asses, and the villain of all villains. I’m a firm believer in the theory that behind every good villain is an emotionally enthralling backstory that will make you feel more than the original story even does– and Magneto is the epitome of that.

His portrayals in the trilogy and in First Class were both spot-on. Ian McKellen is one of my favorite people, and he plays him with the class and sassiness that exudes from every fiber in Sir Ian’s body. And then Michael Fassbender. He brings more to the character than I’ve ever seen anyone bring to a so-called villain. By the end of First Class I was crying for both Professor X and him, and that’s a big deal when you’re supposed to believe that he is wrong and bad and someone you aren’t supposed to believe in at all. But it isn’t the actors’ fault, it’s purely just the fact that he is such a deep character with so many layers. He’s just a really, really good character.

And that’s how the mutant’s cookie crumbles.


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