Manchester by the Sea

The whole time the general public has STILL been gushing about La La Land, they have totally missed Manchester by the Sea. 

This movie did not even come close to receiving the same level of hype as some of the other Oscar nominees. This is understandable from the perspective of casual movie-goers. This is understandable from the perspective of high-tech-movie-lovers. This is understandable from the perspective of several different groups of people, honestly.

But somehow, it so not understandable.

Manchester by the Sea  is a beautiful tragedy that deserves so much damn respect.

I left the theater feeling completely rung out. The movie does a full overhaul on your emotions, thanks to both the writing and the acting. It is an emotional masterpiece that never stops pulling on your heartstrings.

I was in a *slight* argument the other day about what makes film art. My opposition stated that a film cannot be art because “you don’t leave the theater wondering how that was made or where the idea came from”. I sincerely wanted to scream “WRONG”, but alas I did refrain. Instead, I politely disagreed and the argument dissipated. I was left thinking to myself, what really does make a film art?

I decided, for me at least, art is anything that makes you feel. Anything that makes you question or think or wonder. Art is totally open. It is definitely subjective.

To me, a film is even more a piece of art than a painting or a portrait. A film can leave me thinking for days, weeks, even years!

Manchester by the Sea exemplifies this type of art. The amount of feeling it is able to evoke is astounding. Though the movie may not be the most mainstream, or technical, or cinematic, or what have you, it makes you feel bounds more than several other current nominees whom I won’t mention.

TL;DR I loved this movie. So much. I cried, I laughed, I cried way more. 4.5 stars.



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