About Us

Garret and Taylor

Two people– one fairly normal, and one not so much. Garret and Taylor here, a couple of movie fanatics who had no better way to digest their experiences than to share them with you. Join us here in all our fan-ness as we talk about all the movies we’ve ever seen and will ever see.(Including other interests– games/comics/ect.)

We’ve been watching movies together for quite some time now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that we never completely agree on any of them… and if we do, its usually for different reasons. So here on our blog you’ll be able to catch reviews and speculations on all things movies from both of our perspectives and join the debates and have your opinion heard as well.

Here are some things you should know…

Taylor— is a current Advertising major at MTSU. She has taken courses in the realm of Marketing, Public Relations, and English. Her creativity is only ever stunted by her own analytical eye because Taylor believes that if you are going to do something, you better do it right. Growing up, she was exposed mostly to classic Westerns and Martial Arts films. She didn’t take much of a liking to those films back then, but instead found solace in Audrey Hepburn and all the great classic musicals. Though she has watched movies all of her life, she has never pursued to gain a strong technical perspective of film. Instead of focusing on those technicalities, she strongly believes in seeing the magic of cinema. Taylor likes to hear the general reputation of a movie, from regular people and critics alike, before going in so that she doesn’t get the feeling of being swindled. She reads reviews before ever stepping into the theatre, and then enjoys comparing what other people said to how she feels about the movie.

Biases: Biased for musicals/ superheroes/ classy women/ fantasy/ indies/ badasses/ Disney/ accents/ all things cute. Biased against Jennifer Anniston/ scatological humor/ gore/ bad endings.

Interests: Advertising/ dance/ books/ X-Men/ video games/ football/ E! news/ fashion/ Broadway/ cats.

Garret— has completed several courses which cover Sound Design, Set Lighting, Cinematography, and Editing. He’s even been able to work as a set electrician on a couple feature films’ sets and the hit TV series, Nashville. He has taken a break from pursuing a career in film to study Creative Writing at MTSU, and already has his first full manuscript. Growing up, he watched films with zero filter. His Dad practically exposed him to every kind of movie, mostly rated R. His main watches as a kid were in horror movies, Eastwood, sci-fi, and crime movies. Those genres have stuck with him all through his many years as a member and co-founder of M.O.C.A. He claims that knowing the  techniques, traditions, and trends of film only heighten the experience, and that no part of a film can ruin a strong story. To truly love film is to admire its flaws, and that leads Garret into strong beliefs about the motifs and rule-of-thumbs in genres. As an over-thinker, he often analyzes movies to death and welcomes the opinions of others. He claims that in his own way, he loves every movie, even the dogshit ones. Garret hates to read any kind of review or hear anything at all about a movie before he sees it. This is, of course, impossible, but he tries the best he can to walk into the theater with a blank slate and will never read or want to hear about reviews before hand.

Biases: Biased for crime/ horror/ sci-fi/ a good twist/ B movies/ genre archetypes/ unique styles/ spaghettiwestern(grindhouse)ish/ cartoons/ Michael Fassbender/ anti-heroes. Biased against Nicholas Cage/ unnecessary sex scenes/ ambiguous endings/ Julia Roberts.

Interests: Writing/ Risk/ Batman/ Mortal Kombat/ cello/ Mass Effect/ genres/ cartoons/ Tarantino/ Scorsese/ animals/ art/ Xbox/ Star Wars/ zodiacs.

Now that you know us. Check out our pages!

We each have our own Perspective pages (Garret’s Perspective and Taylor’s Perspective) where you can find movie reviews, what we’re most looking forward to, movies we want to see when we get the chance, and then anything pertaining to our individual interests.

The Rating System:

Our rating system is based on five stars.

half-star You’ll regret testing us.
star Memorable as a terrible movie.
star half-star Still a waste of time.
starstar Some obvious problems.
starstarhalf-star Good, but forgettable.
starstarstar A good film, averagely memorable.
starstarstar half-star Can probably get added to some top lists.
starstarstarstar A great film, should be memorable.
starstarstarstar half-star Fantastic film, would pay for it thrice.
starstarstarstarstar Outrageously good. We’ll never forget them.

For more fun things you can check out our Awards and Ranking Games pages.

The Awards page features any news on the awards of the year that we find particularly interesting, our predictions or results, or what we’re hyping up for for the next season. But most importantly, it contains our Awards of the year. Our Awards of the year are based off of the M.O.C.A system. There are ten best pictures slots, and three for every other category. Ties can be made in the last section and the points work inversely. Thus in a category, a number one slot will be worth 3 points and a number three will be worth 1, except on the best picture category where the number one slot is worth 1o points and decreases all the way down to a number ten spot which is worth 1.

The categories are as follows:

Best Picture. Best Director. Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor. Best Actress. Best Supporting Actress. Best Original Screenplay. Best Adapted Screenplay. Best Drama. Best Action. Best Horror. Best Romance/Romantic Comedy. Best Comedy. Best Sci-Fi. Best Fantasy. Bets Kid’s Movie. Best Cast. Best Music. Best Cinematography. Best Editing. Best Sound Design. Best Visual Effects. Worst Picture.

NOTE: All superhero movies are counted as fantasy as an unspoken rule. But it’s written right here. So its kind of spoken, but not really. We didn’t use our vocal chords.

We will also go back in time, and do our awards for previous years. So that’ll be fun.

The Ranking Games page is exactly what it sounds like. There, we’ll rank random things in various numbers and even take requests. So explore, comment, discuss, debate and join in for the fun cause that’s what we here for.

Basically, you’re in the presence of two average people who don’t do a lot of productive things with their time. So we’ll review, rate, rank, and debate movies randomly and invite you to partake.

We do not own the rights to any photos/videos/music/gifs used on this sight that doesn’t feature us in them. Credit remains with original artists and we aren’t trying to pass off any of this material as our own.


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