Ranking Games

BEST X-Men Characters

In honor of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, we’re going to rank the best X-Men characters.


kitty-pryde-cover1_1240435639              Nightcrawler_Vol_3_3

5— Shadowcat                             5— Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler_Vol_3_3               17-7

4— Nightcrawler                               4— Wolverine

rogue-comic-2               550w_comics_uncanny_x_men_emma_frost

3— Rogue                            3— Emma Frost

17-7                gambit-comic-1-ace

2— Wolverine                                2— Gambit

magnetogreatest5                   magnetogreatest5

1— Magneto                       1— Magneto

And the Runner Ups

PROF X                 phoenix2

Professor X                                    The Dark Phoenix


BEST Trilogies

We’re taking “trilogy” pretty lightly as some franchises have continued to expand, though their main story really concluded with three installments. This Ranking Game focused on which Trilogy, with all three movies considered, comes out as our favorite.

TAYLOR’S PICKS                     GARRET’S PICKS

Alien-Movie-600x375 key_art_back_to_the_future

5.—ALIEN                                                     5.—BACK TO THE FUTURE



4.—STAR WARS (original)                                   4.—STAR WARS (original)


3.—THE DARK KNIGHT                                                   3.—THE DARK KNIGHT

x-men-logotrilogy- the matrix

2.—X-MEN                                                               2.—THE MATRIX 


1.—LORD OF THE RINGS                                        1.—LORD OF THE RINGS

Well there you have it folks, a unanimous(ha, 2/2) votes for Lord of the Rings as the Trilogy King.

Taylor’s Runner-Up:                                              Garret’s Runner-Up:

110                Blade-4-movie

Honorable Mentions include—–The Godfathers, The Evil Deads, The Dollar Movies, The Bournes, Predators, The Lion Kings, the Star Wars prequels.
What do you think should have claimed our top 5?