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Still Watching Movies, I Swear

IMG_6435So, it’s been a while since our last post. We knew this would probably¬†happen.

The past few months have been over-flowingly filled with getting a new puppy (meet Smeagol, our pride and joy!), moving (twice!), getting new jobs (Garret is now a parks and rec man, and I work in a video store!), starting classes again, and of course watching movies.

But because we have spent a lot of this time watching movies, we definitely have plenty that need to be talked about. We have seen about 20 new releases since our last post. While a handful of those have been painfully average movies, a good few were enough to remind us what really awesome story-telling and cinematography are all about, and what they are not about.

We have also seen many, many older movies in this time as well. I have gotten some chances to redeem myself for some of the classics (calling them classics for a lack of a better word… favorites?) that I never got around to watching before, like The Usual Suspects, Heathers, American Psycho, Se7en, etc. After watching each one of them I felt like hitting myself in the face for waiting so long to see them. I mean come on, they’re perfect. No wonder it’s been 15- 25 years since they came out and people still obsess over them. I mean damn, who knows how many conversations I sat through wondering why everyone was talking about what was in the box or who is Keyser Soze? I finally know these things! If you don’t dream of getting to wear the color red (or of killing the girl who does), or of Christian Bale (and then feel awkward about it because you know he’s insane), or of any of those movies; go watch them. Seriously. There really is a reason why each of those still exists in film conversation today.

The point to this post really is no matter how busy we get with everything else, we’re still watching movies.

I’ll post soon.


This Week on Garret and Taylor Watch Movies

breakfast_at_tiffanys_posterthe lion kingFellowship of the RingFrozen-movie-poster reservoir_dogs_ver2the-great-gatsby-1

We have been working on compiling a complete list of our favorite movies, which has proven to be quite difficult. We had trouble limiting ourselves to only 100 movies, so we broke it down and decided to make a live-action movie list and an animated movie list. This week we both will be posting each of those Top 100 lists.

There will also be a few movie reviews coming soon.

Bear with us!!!

If anyone can’t already tell, our blog isn’t quite complete yet. We’re running into a few coding issues that will be dealt with soon enough. In the mean time, you can look forward to a posting that’s coming soon. Catch our review of some of the Best Picture Noms for this year. We’ll rate Wolf of Wall Street, 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyer’s Club, Her, and American Hustle. And soon enough we’ll have our own awards posted for the year.