Manchester by the Sea

The whole time the general public has STILL been gushing about La La Land, they have totally missed Manchester by the Sea. 

This movie did not even come close to receiving the same level of hype as some of the other Oscar nominees. This is understandable from the perspective of casual movie-goers. This is understandable from the perspective of high-tech-movie-lovers. This is understandable from the perspective of several different groups of people, honestly.

But somehow, it so not understandable.

Manchester by the Sea  is a beautiful tragedy that deserves so much damn respect.

I left the theater feeling completely rung out. The movie does a full overhaul on your emotions, thanks to both the writing and the acting. It is an emotional masterpiece that never stops pulling on your heartstrings.

I was in a *slight* argument the other day about what makes film art. My opposition stated that a film cannot be art because “you don’t leave the theater wondering how that was made or where the idea came from”. I sincerely wanted to scream “WRONG”, but alas I did refrain. Instead, I politely disagreed and the argument dissipated. I was left thinking to myself, what really does make a film art?

I decided, for me at least, art is anything that makes you feel. Anything that makes you question or think or wonder. Art is totally open. It is definitely subjective.

To me, a film is even more a piece of art than a painting or a portrait. A film can leave me thinking for days, weeks, even years!

Manchester by the Sea exemplifies this type of art. The amount of feeling it is able to evoke is astounding. Though the movie may not be the most mainstream, or technical, or cinematic, or what have you, it makes you feel bounds more than several other current nominees whom I won’t mention.

TL;DR I loved this movie. So much. I cried, I laughed, I cried way more. 4.5 stars.



I Watched Some Movies… I Swear

Remember a lifetime ago when I told you I would write soon? Probably not. That’s okay, let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

I am writing now though! TADA

So. So far this year, I have seen around 10 new movies. That may not sound like much, but the reality these days is that I work in a rental store where I can watch movies for free after they are released on DVD. Which, while totally awesome, means that I’m still watching movies that may have originally been released in 2014, and I now see very few movies in theaters (because why pay $10 for something I can watch later for free).

BUT, there have been a select few that I just couldn’t wait for. Let’s chat about two of them for a moment.

Jurassic World. If you’re human and you’re alive, you’ve heard about Jurassic World. I grew up watching Jurassic Park. It might even be likely that Jurassic Park was one of the first movies I ever watched. Who knows. Point is, I have seen and loved and cherished Jurassic Park many times. Because of this, naturally I had mixed feelings about Jurassic World when I first heard of it. What will they do next? Everyone’s dead. Will I ever be as scared as I was during that T Rex/ Jeep scene? Or that Raptor/ Kitchen scene? 

If you’re anything like me, you probably were a little skeptical at first too. So let me make this clear right now, it has its differences and it is awesome. One day I’ll have a beautiful post outlining everything about it. For now though, let’s give it 4 stars and call it a day.


Moving on because honestly I should be doing so many other things right now. I love this blog and I would probably spend all of my time writing reviews if I could, but it is legitimately so hard to fit this into an every day schedule– or even a once a month schedule apparently. So at this point, my posts are serving solely as a reminder to myself of what I’ve seen and how I’ve felt about it. If you want to know a little secret, I actually have dozens of posts on here that have never been published because of various reasons, but I keep writing them and keep them all in this one location because I have a terrible memory and a love for writing.


Avengers: Age of Ultron was another I decided to splurge on because duh. This sequel (more like installment #11) kept things, for the most part, light and humorous likes its predecessor. I enjoyed the jokes, especially the jabs at Captain America because he deserves it every time. Toward the middle of the movie, however, it did start adding in some darker elements similar to what we saw in Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, which happen to be my two least favorite Marvel movies of all time FYI.

Every character was given plenty of screen time… some more deserved than others (I’m looking at you Hawkeye). And of course, because we have to pack as much as we can into two hours as possible, every character was given their own to-do lists. Hawkeye gets a family. Thor worries about Natalie and all of Asgard. Iron Man creates an AI. Cap thinks about his friends, his past, and his future some more because what else is he going to do? and Hulk and Black Widow fall in love. I mean what. Was that necessary?

Anyway, Scarlet Witch makes her entrance and proves to us all over again that the X-Men are the greatest characters in Marvel history (though they did mess with their stories, but we all know that that was only because of the rights battle over using the term “mutant” (right?)). So for her, I’d give all the stars. For them all together, I just can’t. We’ll call it a three.


Taylor’s 2014 Awards

I know it’s late, and technically the award season is already over, but here are my awards just for fun! I made them about a month ago, and I have seen several movies since then that definitely would have made it in if I would have seen them earlier, i.e. Whiplash and Big Hero 6. I saw over 115 movies this year; some were amazing and some were not so amazing. Here are the best and a few of the worst:

Worst Films:

5. The Rover

4. Rio 2

3. The Nut Job

2. Noah

1. Wer


Visual Effects:


4. Hobbit

3. Interstellar

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

1. The Lego Movie


Production Design

5. Hobbit

4. Interstellar

3. Fury

2. Snowpiercer

1. Grand Budapest Hotel




3. X-Men

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

1. Grand Budapest

Sound Design:

4. Fury

3. Locke

2. The Boxtrolls

1. Interstellar



5. Imitation Game

4. Nightcrawler

3. Boyhood

2. Gone Girl

1. Grand Budapest Hotel




5. Gone Girl

4. The Imitation Game

3. The Boxtrolls

2. Grand Budapest Hotel

1. Interstellar



5. Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Hobbit

3. Begin Again

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

1. Interstellar


Supporting Actress:

4. Carrie Coon- Gone Girl

3. Rene Russo- Nightcrawler

2. Tilda Swinton- Snowpiercer

1. Kiera Knightley- Imitation Game



4. Keira Knightley- Begin Again

3. Emily Blunt- Into the Woods

2. Helen Mirren- Hundred Foot Journey

1. Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl


Supporting Actor:

4. Tyler Perry- Gone Girl

3. Evan Peters- X-Men

2. Shia- Fury

1. Logan Lerman- Fury



5. Ralph Fiennes- Grand Budapest

4.David Oyelowo- Selma

3. Jude Law- Dom Hemingway

2. Tom Hardy-Locke/ Drop

1. Jake Gyllenhaal- Enemy/Nightcrawler


Best Cast:

4. X-Men

3. Fury

2. Gone Girl

1. Grand Budapest


Adapted Screenplay:

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

4. The Imitation Game

3. Hobbit

2. Snowpiercer

1. Gone Girl


Original Screenplay:

5. Boyhood

4. Locke

3. Interstellar

2. Nightcrawler

1. Grand Budapest Hotel


Best Director:

5. Richard Linklater- Boyhood

4. Dan Gilroy- Nightcrawler

3. Christopher Nolan- Interstellar

2. Wes Anderson- Grand Budapest

1. David Fincher- Gone Girl


Best Animated/Kid’s Movie:

5. Alexander and the Terrible..

4. Book of Life

3. Lego Movie

2. How to Train Your Dragon 2

1. The Boxtrolls


Best Action:

5. Sabotage

4. Divergent

3. Nonstop

2. Fury

1. John Wick


Best Horror:

4. Deliver Us From Evil

3. As Above So Below

2. Annabelle

1. Oculus


Best Fantasy:

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Hobbit

1. Days of Future Past


Best Sci-Fi:

5. Zero Theorem

4. Edge of Tomorrow

3. Signal

2. Snowpiercer

1. Interstellar


Best Romance/Romantic Comedy:

5. Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

4. Longest Week

3. What If

2. Begin Again

1. Adult World


Best Comedy (Dramedy?):

5. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible…

4. This is Where I Leave You

3. Dom Hemingway

2. Frank

1. Grand Budapest Hotel


Best Drama:

5. Selma

4. Imitation Game

3. Enemy

2. Gone Girl

1. Nightcrawler


Best Films of 2014:

10. Enemy

9. Boxtrolls

8. Guardians of the Galaxy

7. Hobbit

6. John Wick

5. Interstellar

4. Gone Girl

3. Nightcrawler

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

1. Grand Budapest Hotel