Taylor’s The Lego Movie Review

For my first separate movie review, I wanted to start off with something light. So I present, The Lego Movie.

the lego movie

I read somewhere where someone said that this movie was “the best film about blocks you’ll ever see” (remind me to find where I read that one day) and I loved how true and hilarious that is at the same time. Because yes, it is a film about blocks, but somehow it managed to really be a genuinely good movie. Of course it is a kids’ movie, but I promise you’ll laugh just as much as any kid will.

First of all, this movie has the advantage of being uber- nostalgic. I know that I always had tons of legos laying around everywhere when I was a kid, and I still love a lot of the characters they brought in. They even managed to do a really good job of mixing in well-known characters with some brand new ones (um hello, how cute was Uni-Kitty!?).

Second of all, the digitization! The movie had a pretty big budget, but who even cares when it looks that amazing! It’s the closest thing digital can probably get to stop-motion, and it manages to look flawless while doing it!

**Spoiler Alert!**

I found myself really into the story, which I was slightly shocked about because that doesn’t happen all that often with kids’ movies. And when they stepped out of the lego world and showed what was going on in the real world, I thought I might be pulled out a little bit, but I wasn’t at all! They managed to make it all work really well and the story fell right into place.

All in all, The Lego Movie was a great nod to your childhood and great laugh for you even in your adulthood, 4 stars.



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*there might be spoilers to the movie*
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